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Skeamz - 4 The Love of Money (Interlude) lyrics

Interlude (Love of the money)
Shoutout Bobby Caldwell, I feel you on dis one Pac, im a sucker for love too, dat bitch money get me every time

Where I been I on the block gettin gwop need a lot, real hot
Duck the cops never stop, you cop a key
And put it in lock
L is not what I'm takin niggas plot, take a shot
Like Drake when he poppin the profit's the only topic to thot
Shady told me blow this pot till my brain rots
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I splash like rain drops, and keep weight like dispensary shops
I lost my roof, bout my business where my suit
What won't I do for the loot, I'll probably have to just shoot
Real nigga salute, I'm smoking like uncle Snoop
Or chimney on the roof, Skeamz been just had the juice
So I mix it wit 80 proof, to get deez bad bitches loose
Hit dem then throw the duce, dat pussy was in a noose
Homicide on dat cooch, was watching her on the news nigga (I was watchin her on the news nigga)
Yea Skeamz Catch Up

What won't you do for the love of money? x8

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