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Skeamz - 4 The Love of Money (Interlude) lyrics

Interlude (Love of the money)
Shoutout Bobby Caldwell, I feel you on dis one Pac, im a s**er for love too, dat b**h money get me every time

Where I been I on the block gettin gwop need a lot, real hot
Duck the cops never stop, you cop a key
And put it in lock
L is not what I'm takin n***as plot, take a shot
Like Drake when he poppin the profit's the only topic to thot
Shady told me blow this pot till my brain rots
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I splash like rain drops, and keep weight like dispensary shops
I lost my roof, bout my business where my suit
What won't I do for the loot, I'll probably have to just shoot
Real n***a salute, I'm smoking like uncle Snoop
Or chimney on the roof, Skeamz been just had the juice
So I mix it wit 80 proof, to get deez bad b**hes loose
Hit dem then throw the duce, dat p**y was in a noose
Homicide on dat cooch, was watching her on the news n***a (I was watchin her on the news n***a)
Yea Skeamz Catch Up

What won't you do for the love of money? x8

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