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Skate - Girls I Used To Fuck lyrics

[Verse 1: King Los]
I still think about you when I'm all alone
Taking trips out of the country and flying back home
I said girl where have you been? Where have you been?
Are you fucking with that Nigga or is he just a friend?
I said girl where have you been? (where have you been?)
I can admit I miss you, you was a perfect ten
You went to Vegas again
What happened? Thought you were sick of
Niggas that be claiming they ballin' and rappin'
Girl we didn't fuck enough
We didn't love enough
Some things are hold up
We both needed other stuff
That made the summer tough
Seeing you in the club
Made me say fuck the club
Along with other stuff
You was there when I was bagged up
Double locked in I will bring it back
I was the king of that pussy
I wish we could leave out this section
And slide to my truck
Cause sometimes I just reminisce about all of the

[Hook: Skate]x2
Girls that I used to fuck (that I used to fuck)
You light up my world
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I ain't thanked you enough (I ain't thanked you enough)
Talking about girls that I used to fuck (that I used to fuck)
So sorry that you fell in love
But I had to do it to stop (do it to stop)

[Verse 2: Skate]
Girl I ain't playing, it's real
Everything that we had that was for real
Buy you them clothes and I take care of your meals
Had me caught up I was feeling so ill
Stop, I didn't need you
You saw it coming but really I didn't think that I would leave you
Back and forth all you went in was so bothering I couldn't keep you
What was your worth? Was it this verse?
Right now I'm feeling no pain so I don't know what hurts
What was your worth? What is your role on this earth?
We didn't fuck enough, we didn't fuck enough
I didn't bust enough, I didn't talk about us enough
I never loved enough, I swear that I never love enough
You could just ride with me
Take your time with me
Wake up in the morning, get high with me
Take you to all of them beaches
Pour up a little something and we could get islandy
What was your worth? Was it this verse?
Last one might end up the first


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