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Skate Bravo - I Skate I Slide lyrics

I Skate, I Slide
I Skate, I Slide
I Skate, I Slide
I Skate, I Slide
(I) Do it like I'm floating on clouds
(I) Do it like I don't hit the ground
(I) Do it like nobody else
(I) Do it like I'm coming for the belt

I skate on over like wheels on my feet
Looking so fresh and fly as can be
Baby, I know you see
Now I wanna know, can I make you peek?
When I post up close in my post-up pose
Drink in my hand, yeah a rum and coke
Hand in my pocket, next to my rocket
Looking for a nice little place I can dock it
I'm hoping you know, so that's when I ask
"Why you only got ice left in ya gla**?"
You smile then laugh, I do it right back
While in my head, I pat me on the back
You see, this is who I am
I'm the man with the master plan
I do it like I wanna win
You do it like you throwing in
Give up now while you still got time
You ain't doing work, get a 9 to 5
Better luck for you on that grind
Better duck if you see my fly
And by fly, I mean my wings
And by my wings, I mean my shoes
And by my shoes, I mean my J's
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And by my J's are my P's and Q's


I'm steady on point like Paul
I point 'em all out when I get the ball
These ladies I'm courtin' know I'm important
I'm Blaza Duval, no I'm not from
No I don't ride 'round in a Chevy
I drive 'round town like Michael Andretti
Imagine me inside of a 'Vette
I'll bring your girlfriend if you let me
Can I?
Swear that our hands won't touch
Even though that there may not be enough
She shakin' her stuff to my own CD
In the middle of the road like she ADD
Pay attention
Cla** is in session, I'm teaching this lesson
There's only first place, no such thing as second
No you can't ask a question
It only takes time and time is sacred
(Cuz I) Ain't faking, my flow is real
I just never thought to break the seal
Now that I'm going, I'm thinking I'm lost
There's no coming back if you ever leave Oz
(Cuz I) Want the whole deck, you can have the halls
I bet you won't step, you don't have the balls
I'm in my zone like I'm playing with 'Cuse
You'd think Carmelo plays here in the Duuu!

[HOOK x 3]

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