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Skate Bravo - Bad Lover lyrics


Who knows what we can be
Some trailblazers don't block the shot Marcus Camby
See who knows what we can be
Some trailblazers don't block the shot Marcus Camby
So what's it gonna be
Baby you telling me
You got multiple choices A B and C
I can easily tell you I'm the one you need
But I got multiple choices to, A to Z

1st Verse:

I crashed and burned
Learned it the hard way
Now this is my show
We do it my way
Get off the phone
Quit with the texting
We right here crossing paths up at the intersection
Live in the moment
Just pay attention
Ride the wave fall in love with no direction
See who knows
What we can be?
Some trailblazers don't block the shot Marcus Camby
Come closer
And talk less
Let's touch more
And talk less

Exhale the rest
Breathe out your stress
Inhale the best
Breathe out your stress
Breathe in the next love of your life
Until we Xs
O's for the rest of your nights
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Lets keep it festive
Fireworks, 4th of July
Be feeling blessed with loves unforgettable nights


2nd Verse:

Strictly Business
Don't play no mind games
Keep it 100
Say what your mind say
Let's take some time
And take the long way
Me and you ride through hell up on the highway
Now look around
Single sad faces
See you smiling
This where your place
This is our world
No one can break it
We play that sick game
It's so contagious
Show em
How we do it hun
Nah love em
Remember that you were one
I k**ed you softly
No where you could run
We came together
Then two became one
I want your H-Town breakdown
Put on a show
Cuz you know
It's an East African shake down
So from the waist down
Move with that base sound
If loves a drug baby
It's what we take now

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