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Simplicity - Tried By Simplicity (Tried By 12 Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1]
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Puffin cigars with mobsters/i'm a real monster/f** teeny boppers/in a flying helicopter/call the doctor/just shot the coppers/what a shocker/i f**ed you over so i could prosper/f**ing idiot/slap a pretty b**h/if she talking sh**/mocking this?/find the body in a city ditch/im your worst nightmare/that don't fight fair/mother f**ing rap master/k** every single last bastard/going to church plastered/just to cause disasters/hear the villainous laughter/of the sick minded rapper/then after/stab faster/til the blood sprays/leave the body to decay/better obey/be forced to pay/with ya f**ing spirit/better fear this/sayin my flow the weirdest/but when they hear this/stand in awe/stand in applause/aw man you shouldve saw/simplicity/simply/enrichening/minds infinitely/

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