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Simplicity - Iced Tea lyrics

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So yall a**uming my rhyme is just gonna crash and burn/can't match the words I'm blasting heard/I'm past the hurt I'm smashing words/lyrically causing apocalypse/tired of feeling pocket lint/people out here jock in sh**/cause I'm Dropping the hottest sh**/smoke masturbate then procrastinate/then I decided to/become the raddest wait while I a**a**inate/the whackest dude/I'm past the hate now I fascinate/I just decided to/practice hey/ what's with the f**ing attitude/f**ing attitude/I pa**ed the dude/with a Match or two/it snaps through you/in a rap or two/you fake as some padded boobs and some plastic too/no need to get drastic dude/i told Adam to eat the magic fruit/lets watch the evening news/while we see eve get nude/coming in this rapid fire/words active fire/rapping flyer/life pa**ing by Ya/I take advantage/you stay and panic/cold a** sh** in Maine/it's insane/inhumane/what a pain/tired of saying/tired playing/so fed up yeah I'm tired of praying/time for some changes for entertainers/that saying/they players/ain't enough/for generation/always hating/instigating/cuz I'm making/music for intelligence/your irrelevant/ selfish b**h/I k** mic for the hell of it/

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