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Simplex - The Night The Heavens Cried lyrics

The night, The night the heavens cried. They cried
It was the night, the night inside I died 'cause they cried

[Verse 1: Mic Lez]
Cracking open a drink whenever I sit back and think
Recapture visions in a blink is when I really start to sink so f**ing low
No where to turn, no where to go
Slowly drifting away from reality into memory's that I know
'Cause the 20th of the 6th 99' was the day
That fate took my mate just wish I could clean the slate
By starting off again from beginning to the end
And I could bring back my friend and we'd remain to depend
On each other, we'll always miss you, our brother
There's no place in the world that we could ever find another
Such like yourself, 'cause, man, those were the times
Chilling, listening to rhymes and acting out the mimes
We were always having fun, I just want one
More conversation, us two face-to-face
And who cares what place we're in, 'cause love's from within
Plus whats within is what you've given us
Memory's and trust, which will never leave
No matter how much we grieve, that's why I believe

[Interlude 1: Simplex & Raph A.L.]
That's why I believe
That's why I believe
That's why I believe
That's why I believe

[Verse 2: Simplex]
There's more to what we receive
When our spiritual energy leaves the body
We see the man that's deceased not the soul that's released
On a journey never to cease on peace
Please just ease the pain that eats away at me
This strange too hard to maintain, the stress overloading the brain
The depression is rising again
This strange agression is destine, to be heading in my direction
Whenever the question is about believes
That's why I believe!

[Verse 3: Raph A.L.]
That's why I believe, the vibes that I receive
Is nothing but your love shining down from up above
Shining way more than the sun could ever shine
Shining so bright springing me back into line
Slowly realising in life the things that really count
The f**ed facts and figures and your bullsh** amounts
Mates that keep pretending, just waiting for the pounce
But there's no way they'll ever get to just what really counts
That belongs in my heart
There's no way I'll ever let it part
(There's no way we'll ever let it part)
Now standing under heaven, while it was crying
With feeling of being cheated like someone was lying
But this sh** was reality
Really heartbreaking, man, a tragedy
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So every night, when I'm having sessions, I look up to the sky
Sit there and stare 'cause we're asking questions why
Our best friend departed us and died
When friends pa**ed away was the night the heavens cried
(The night the heavens cried)

The night, The night the heavens cried. They cried
It was the night, the night inside I died 'cause they cried

[Verse 4: Simplex]
Barely concious, the phone rings I was awoken
Only to answer to someone broken by mates voice softly spoken
What he was quoting was the news of a tragedy
I didn't get it first time so he had to repeat it back to me
Escaping his breath, his breath and virus infected my soul
With feelings took years hat to take a second to gain control
Taking the toll, revealed once again
But this time is in the form of a loss of a friend
Blending the confusion and sadness took me unaware
So I returned to take evacuate myself from this nightmare
But the dream it had seemed but the truth remained real
Which was later backed up bu the way we all feeled
The mornings of mourning, the afternoon just came too soon to a life
Which was just starting to bloom
From the womb to the tune your in our hearts and our heads
Now his family and friends are held together by threads

[Interlude 2:]
From the womb, womb to the tune
I know he's looking over me, after me
Because, strength is hard to find
But the strength you left behind is what we all need

[Bridge: Simplex & Mic Lez (Sample)]
From weed to calm my nerves, to beer to drown our sorrow
(Your memory grows stronger by the days of tomorrow)
Until infinity, in our hearts is where you'll be
(We are bounded by the sorrow but your spirit lives inside me)
Gate crashing parties, freestyles and drunken sessions
(And I'll always let you be the one progressing through [?])
Overcoming aggressions with tough times and facing life
(The night inside I died was the night the heavens cried)

[Turntablism by DJ Dyems]

Now my brother that night, the love if left behind
Left behind
Forever his memory engraved in our heart and in our minds
In our minds
'Cause I spent all my years to do this
And I thank you, I'm thanking you
And I will always feel the strength from you
In everything that I go through
'Cause I love you, yeah, yeah
I love you
Yeah, I love you...
(Rest in Peace)

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