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Simplex - Simmy and the Gravyspitter lyrics

You won't get far little punk 'cause I bust pure rhymes
I tear up bars like a drunk on a bus tour, I'm
The hideous, insidious, super fly Suffa
Ignorance is bliss and you're a happy motherf**er
s**er rock a set, I'm like Bobba Fett with intellect
I'm everywhere you go like p**no on the Internet
So you don't wanna step, trust me, you been warned
You don't wanna play leapfrog with a unicorn
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Leave you torn, you couldn't battle me with that lame rhyme
You couldn't come hard with two women at the same time
You walk in the club dipped in j**els and versace
Only gay guys wear that much gold, ask Liberace
MCs act arrogant, I wonder why
If your sk**s matched your ego you'd be eating humble pie
Your rhymes are more average than your girlfriend's looks
And with a face like that, I hope that girl can cook, it's like that

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