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Simplex - Music To Live By lyrics

[Verse 1: Simplex]
Music to live by a soundtrack submitted to life
Whether you live right or bound to ominous strife
Protesting a war with placards marching for peace
Or k**ing for a religion living to die for beliefs
Music to die for or just song they play at your wake
To my them cry more reminders of worthy mistakes
So what you fight for love or pa**ion envy or hate
This music is our core, gravity to set us in place
Whether an eye for an eye or a score calm a beast
From jungle communication to the struggle in the streets
If a picture could conjure a thousands words of human speech
Then a beat could move millions of people onto there feet
We're born, we live we die, goodbye end of seasons
But songs out live our lives so why finds beliefs
In the melody's where upon the music is bound
Where reality transcends into the movement of sound

When I was a child, I'd sing music to live by!
Now that I am grown, I'd sing music to die for!

[Verse 2: Mic Lez]
Music to live by the sound of the streets combined in chorus
As the ticking of the clock on its own would only bore us
To violence too much silence is harming the harmony
Believing everything we hears a part of everything we see
Music to die for whether it's war or tragedy a certain tune healing wounds
Of what didn't have to be, though scars will never heal
Some bars can give the will, it all starts with how you feel
Cause it charts don't make it real
But still, each to their own like ba** and treble levels
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For some it's funk or jazz while others it heavy metal
It's all in the mental playing with your mind stuck on loop
Terra firma Simbiotic instrumentals be the proof
You choose, so many tracks that fit any occasion
Uplifting songs to start the day or a lullaby for the days end
Make no mistaking to be a superstar what it's not
It's about doing what feels right with the only thing I've got

When I was a child, I'd sing music to live by!
Now that I am grown, I'd sing music to die for!

[Verse 3: Raph A.L.]
Music to live by for when your life be falling down the sink
Loose it and you'll cry so it's all you got left you think your on the brink
So morals fly by like sound waves that ride on past your ears
Use it to stick by your values f** impressing all your peers??
Music to keep real culture intact respecting the past
Loose it and you will for ever be forgotten got in last you
Know they will steal every chance they get behind your back
They know it's your meal?? you know the deal don't stand for this attack
Music to die for metaphors using for relevance
Now making sense intelligence not relevant living the consequence
Hence the stance I've taken heaven sent the tools for breaking
Laws society be creating, through this music that we're making
Undertaking the responsibility using the ability choosing to be really be
Revolutionary literally
So we can all see this culture be full of pride with no lies
I don't abuse it but choose it cos this music I live by

When I was a child, I'd sing music to live by!
Now that I am grown, I'd sing music to die for!

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