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Simplex - Hall Of Fame lyrics

[Intro: Percee P]
I'm ready
Yeah, yeah
It's the legendary rhymer [?] Percee P
Yeah, Terra Firma
Australia connected, y'all, that's how we do it

[Verse 1: Percee P]

[Verse 2: Mic Lez]
Since the first time, burst mine for probably the worst rhyme
Rehearsed lines conversed signs that only confirmed
I'm making a start, making a mark, creating not faking the art
Straight from the heart not for the charts, why we've grown apart
Half these crews need to choose, seem confused
Dreams defused from my abuse, I don't see your views
Ain't no joking, take whats spoken as the token
Barely coping, too late thought fate was hitting and hoping
But you're not close, to get shows, there's highs with a lot of lows
My crews stayed true, but for you it's like what ever goes
Think you're the sh**, cos what you spit be quick but that ain't it
It don't fit, hold a flame near your name, watch what your playing with
Terra and Percee forever worthy to wear the Guernsey
But, firstly, it concerns me, no matter what you do that some be dirty
That's expected, never affected
Our will intercepted hip hops being dissected to protect it
The real stay connected

[Verse 3: Raph A.L.]
The Hannibal, lyrical lector, cannibal
Pattern dissector Percee P the rhyme inspector
With certified to direct you, you ain't got it but we'll get you
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Affect your sector to make ya, break it to this instigator
Correct and eject the haters
Not concerning me your burning me, turning pain into gain
I'm stunning MC's your done in I'm coming
And running the fun and games
It's Terra Firma better learners with letter burners like Cope
I let em turn a hater murmurs from rumors, to wrote in quote
I'll consume ya's like baby tumors
From drugged baby boomers mind I shrugged it off the clue in this
I'm doing this while writing rhymes I stunned many while you conceded
Conceited thought that you needed, indeed it never exceeded
Pa** your plans now you've been succeeded
Now read it, cos it's in writing, no biting, feel it inside and
You're finding nobody fighting illusions cos they're exciting
Alighting lyrical books by combining my pen with matches
Confined in critical hooks, verse in burning pages to ashes

[Verse 4: Simplex]
Whatever you think it seems to be, erase from your imagery delete it
Dig a ditch within the bitumen and let the streets bleed it
Four elements three decades two syllables one name
ADL BX connect through one vein
What is it?
The culture the mind frame the way we speak
It in our blood connected through the hand shakes when we all meet
It's the beef with rival crews its the dues we have to pay
Its the cypher on every corner on any given day
We followed steps from those before us labeled the steps for those to take
Paved the way with deep breaths, beat boxing and over spray
Here to stay and never leave our hearts on sleeves we wear it proud
Its the escape through head phones, so play it loud
Now understand the fortune that you claim
Its not the gold around your neck, its not your private charted planes
Its not the models in your videos, its the love, the hate, the pain
Its Hip-Hop and its legacy is the hall of fame

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