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Simplex - Exhibit D lyrics

Yo, nuttin' but skengman bars I write
Pad and pen
I don't wanna hear that talk 'bout
You're rating man ah man now, what about then?
I was on Pyro, Urban Manic
Axe FM
Hold tight Pablo, family longtime
Nuttin' but love right to the end
I'm bad to the bone
If it ain't Wiley, I don't wanna know
These likkle man can't sit in my throne
These Air Force Ones, they're cool, they're cold
Funny thing is, they're overly old
Had them longtime like two-double-O
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Nuttin' but money and girls I get
Teacher's pet
Man wanna know how I'm still around
Call me the vet
Pockets swollen, bulging
Looking like a football goalie's open net
Promoters holla at me for the set
That's why likkle man's all upset
250 all on my neck
Might get another one like "what the heck?"
I'm stunting hard like 50 Cent
Money up front, paid my percent
If you can't do that, you're deep in debt
Cut that cheque or bounce like cheque

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