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Simplex - Divine Intervention lyrics

[Verse: Suffa]
As ocean tides coincide with lunar patterns
747's in the sky fly holding patterns
Over cities filled with lost souls and confused residents
People who've lost hope, they're waiting for the heaven-sents
Allah, Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus
We can't understand why our prophets would leave us
But we as people aren't here just to procreate
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Divine intervention is for you to create
Take hold of your vacant, 'trol of your hate
Your soul it can break ya, goals they can't wait
Whose world this is? The world is ours
Acres of land, sunshine and rain-showers
The beauty of nature's here for you to enjoy
The landscape painted 'cross a world we destroy
I got a mantra that can get you through everything
Say I can do anything, I can do anything

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