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SikWidIT - Lit in the 6 lyrics

[Hook: BTK]
It's lit up in the 6! (Woo!)
It's lit up in the 6! (Oh mann)
It's lit up in the 6! (It's lit up in the 6)
It's lit up in the 6! (Woo!)
It's lit up in the 6! (Aye, yeah, yeah)
It's lit up in the 6! (Oh mann)
It's lit up in the 6! (It's lit up in the 6)
Boy it's lit up in the 6! (Woo!)

[Verse 1: BTK]
It's lit up in the 6
Grab a Bic and flick it
Get a b**hes digits
Spend a couple hunnid
Bag it up and send it
Tell me who been winnin'
We been all workin'
f** a ghost writer
Studio isn't haunted
Makin' bangers from the 6 for the free
And everybody ballin'
All they sell is gas
I just keep sellin' the instrumentals
Man like what a coincidence
They got the gas for the beats
I got the gas for tree
f** around and let it get stupid
I bet they tax for the G
We basically get a whole case for the free
b**hes trippin' in my house
I throw the pink out
Like i'm wastin' the lean
Drinkin' smokin and recording
Are always the days in the 3 8 6
Ion never ever ever got a main b**h
I just got some many of em ready
I forget the name quick
All I know is if we get that milli comin'
Everybody gonna go buy a brick
Bag it and sell it and trap it like Nick
Then everybody in this b**h gon' be sayin'-

[Hook: BTK]

{​​​Verse 2: SikWidIT]
Lit up in the 6, lit up with ya b**h
Junkies hit me up, tryna get a fix
I am a smoker, it's bad to these rappers
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f**in' b**hes, take a break, smoke a cig'
Hot as hell, colder than ya fridge
Runnin' laps on my competition b**h
Lit up in the 6, lit up in the 6
Trvp, BTK & Sik, and ion say the kid
I am a roller, I roll on the d**
Percaset, xanny bars, she fall in love
Everything global, I came out the mud
I spit these flames and it's hard to keep up
The jungle with ammo, I ride on a camel
I keep em tuned in so they don't change the channel
Can't handle my angle, I'm dancin' with angels
It's a safari like zebras and mammals
Over my apatite, high as a satellite
You watchin' Cinemax, this is a movie night
I don't eat Sushi, I'd rather eat rappers
I make a move and don't no body chatter
She look at stars and I draw out a pattern
I serve that toxic, I got it from Saturn
Runnin' this sh**, runnin' this sh**
Lit up in the 6, lit up in the 6

[Hook: BTK]

[Verse 3: TrvpNick]
It's lit like a candle, I don't have a lambo
I'm off the top, just like a antler
Rappers be bitin', can't withstand a banner
High as antennas, crowd flashin' cameras
Keep tossin' singles for all of the dancers
Keep movin' steady, just watch how I manage
Lit in the 386 just like a candle
Fresh out the grove in all green, praying mantis
T-R-V-P, 386, B-A-D keep presidents
It's evident, Jefferson enlightened like Edison
Bring you some medicine, watch how I demonstrate
I am no teacher, I am from Beecher
Got shells, it's cocina'
A diva come 'round and make you wanna meet her
That's what she think, but I don't like her either
Runnin' like water that drip out the faucet
A pop fly I got it, I throw out imposters
Think that you slick, till you slip and loose conscious
My bars are robotic, attractin' ya daughter
This is Trvp Music, it might have you startled
Runnin' with goblins, I f** her she holla'
She gone like sand and she wanted some sand
It's the TrvpNick, call me Dolla Man

[Hook: BTK]

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