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SikWidIT - King Dos (feat. SikWidIT) lyrics

[Verse 1: BTK]
I got bitches on my dick
And I ain't changin'
Bout A Dolla Murder Show
And everybody patients
Once I left Double M
I fucked the game
And came quick
I made a deal with this company
Now I can't quit
I'm just a white boy tryna get rich
Fuck the basics
I'm so fuckin' close to blowin' up
I think I taste it
I developed in the booth
I feel like I'm the Matrix
All I want is black clothes
Don't fuck with white like racists
Almost a thousand in a week
Just sellin' gram bags
Somebody broke into my house
And tried to ramsack
Damn, that's that type of shit
That'll getcho cantaloupe-
Fuck em, still movin'
I'ma let the pants sag
So many snakes around my county
They don't wanna let you leave
That's especially my pet peeve
But try to catch me
I'm on a whole different level
I won't settle for nothing else
I'm so much better without the help
Me and my boys with the wealth

[Hook: BTK]
Moppin' up the game
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They copin' 3 rings
Drop it in the drink
They poppin' 3 beans
We ain't sloppy with the beat
We got that king flow
You don't want no problem
With the King Dos

[Verse 2: SikWidIT]
I'm a monster, not ya homie
Coke like Tony, choppa bullets leavin' holes
The size of bologna, so don't say that if you know me
Invader Sik prepared for landing, doctor Seuss inside the booth
And I amuse all the confused
I'm back and forth just like blue tooth
I kick ya head right off your shoulders, like I'm tryna go for 2
And all the fuel that I produce is Bout A Dolla in the few
And I'm a dog these rappers food, I eat yo shit, remix it too
All at yo house and you ain't knew
Just going in and out yo room
I drop bombs, I'm talkin' nukes
Shoota's come in parachutes
Then them 50's get to wavin'
Like the new kid in the school
I'm off my meds, I need to chill
This K and Sik, no fire drill
We run this shit like really in it
We could go join the Olympics
I'm a sprinter, watch me sprint it
Benchin' rappers like it's fitness
Crash the Bandicoot, a menace
Slap yo bitch ass like it's Tennis
Now it's on like Donkey Kong
I wreck yo car so you don't finish
Ain't no cartoons in the dentist
When yo shit break, they can't fix it

[Hook: BTK]

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