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SikWidIT - Hitman lyrics

[Vegetable Oil]
Hey man
You know we out here eating bologna and shit, dude
We eating that turkey bacon
Ya'll some floopy goober motherfuckers
You need to get the fuck out the studio bitch

[The Fuzz]
She's eating on my raw meat like we're making amateur porn
Every rapper in the game, getting played like it's bloodbourne
Illnesses. I be on the realest shit
I be rapping on my own, not a syndicate
Everybody always stay fronting
But The Fuzz is so real from the shits I be dumping
Oh Lord
Grinding up on me like surfboards
Eyes on the game like it's Discord
DRM rapping we no more
Fetus Police, they upcoming
With some joints that'll blow your momma's house down
Fuzz tape 3? Fire like that VD in your pants now

[Hook: The Fuzz]
I murder these tracks that I run like a train
(Train train)
Yeezus is the God and I'm feeling the same
(Same Same)
Bonnaroo on the mind and I'm counting up bands
Yes, I'm the man
All that I know's I'm the most in demand
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They calling me the Hitman
'cause all I make are hits man

[Vegetable Oil]
We don't call this Sikesghanistan for nothing man
I'ma tell you one thing
We don't fuck with no bullshit

[The Fuzz]
Everyday I'm getting plenty shade
Y'all be sipping on that haterade
All I know is that your talking shit
But when we're eye to eye ain't got shit to say
Steady working on em day to day
Dominate em like I'm Mr.Gray
Opposite of Steve Harvey 'cause everybody gonna know my name
Gonna hit em with the mixtape, Uh
Hear me odd rapping that's a mistake, Uh
All I do is swim in the water, I be looking for the cat
Lemme tell you how the fish taste, Uh Uh


[Outro: Vegetable Oil]
Hey Man
We sipping Diet Snapple in your hood bitch
This is Sikesghanistan
The Fuzz motherfucker
Get your ears full man
Listen up

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