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SikWidIT - Every Night (feat. SikWidIT) lyrics

[Hook: BTK] x2
Swishers with a case of bud light
It's almost every night
Lean with the sprite
They want it every night
Ass on my lap
Man I gotta have it every night
Workin' in the booth
Man I swear that sh** is every night

[Verse 1: BTK]
Tell me what you know about the code
386 to the grave with the stone
Any lyric that I make is on the phone
And when I show her the tape
She wanna bone
Oh man
Bunch of lighters get lost from the re up
Either way, the clique got the flame, when we link up
Back with Double M, all black, shoulda seen us
I'm so f**in' busy I just give her that prenut, we up
Pills ion f** with that
But i'll sell a handful for full sack
Who that, that's K from the way from way back in the day
When you said he was whack, now he bout to get paid
Big bucks, get inked from the feet up
Beat so flame, they gon' f** around and leak us
Cross me like a f**in' preacher
Bet I nail em down with the metal from the heater

[Hook: BTK] x2

[Verse 2: SikWidIT]
Bout A Dolla murder any rapper and I mean it
Everything I say, boy I motha f**in' mean it
Time is of the essence and I already seen it
B.A.D, T.N.T, boy all my - demons
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Count of the guola and trees like koalas
I sleep with yo b**h and I don't make her holla'
This is that sh** that come right out the swamp
Run up on swamp and you finna get stomped
I'm at the top and it's a long fall down
50 with a carb, so I keep a hunnid rounds
You at the top, then I come knock you off
Ladies and gentleman, your life can get lost
Say that you rappin', I wrap your career
This is 300, I come with a spear
We- we run the city, that's word to my momma
BTK, Sik, Trvp, Hvy a suana

[Hook: BTK] x2

[Verse 3: BTK]
Case of bud light, we gon drink it tonight
Wear that b**h out, bet she never wear it right
AK with a blade, wave it at ya bae
Spray 2 clips at em, then I lay em in the grave
New face in the booth, then it's f** you pay me
Feature on a track, then it's f** you pay me
Bout A dolla sign, with a shallow mind
Soundin' like Diablo, give ya b**h Pica**o
We all cold, raw talent like ya soul sold
Heard you got the bars, i'ma bring you to my dojo
Hold up
Light up the 6
Bringin' the ice in my cup
I got pipe so what's up
Let's get right, show me love
Overnight i'ma duck off and pipe
And get up in the booth with the clique
Feelin' all type of d**
Bout a f**in' dolla, bout an execution
Lemme finish this EP and drink until I lose it

[Hook: BTK] x2

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