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Siiri Nordin - Noodle It Out lyrics

Get that thing, for me will you
Just that, what's it called again, and, you know the one, the one
That I been talkin' about, and talkin' about
Well, whatever it is, whatever is, and you know how it is if you don't, so go on
With whatever it was, whatever it was that you were on about, and on about

Just hold on it's right there on the tip of my tongue, just gimme some time to figure it out
And there'll be no doubt, I can make it sound so fine
We been through this a hundred times, I'd like to think that it's all right, since
I got so many things on my mind

Whatever in my mind
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Whatever sounds alright

Oh when suddenly you start to give a damn
About me not remembering a thing
Say what you like but I prefer my oblivion
It gives me comfort at a terrible time like this

Hold that for me will you not that but the one just there, the one I'm lookin at
What more do you need to know
You see just what you want to see, I'd like to now what's there to see
Just in case it shows

Oh when suddenly

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