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Siiri Nordin - Narrow Scale lyrics

Girl your face is a mess there's a wrong kinda wrinkle
And it makes you look ugly too
Such a shame pretty girl like you
And ooh yet another wasted afternoon
Tryin to figure out what it all could come to
What it all could do to you
Then you spend all of your energy and all of your brain capacity
To justify your mopin' to the rest of us
What a waste of a perfectly grand Saturday mood
And we ain't buying all that lyin
We prefer livin instead of you know what I mean
Oh you know what I mean

And oh what a hell of a narrow scale
Did you forget your blinders when you met me
I bet you'd like to be all free
And ooh-po-do-dop-pop-pop-pop-pop-poo
That is not how you want to go
You gotta have the chance to feel oh how it feels

And would you tell your newborn baby
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That he don't have a chance
And that the world is a fucked-up place
And it's all too late
Just cause you're envious
O-oh and why make it anymore messier than it already is
Now leave me out of it
Oh I don't wanna be a part of you're circle of the self piteous
Now what if for breakfast and why not for lunch
Oh all this silliness because some neighbor had a hunch
And it seems you just believe almost anything darlin'

And oh what a hell of a narrow scale...

And oh I ain't trying to steal away
Anybody's right to cry away the pain
All I'm saying is you should try and get over it
Sooner or later you'll start looking for a change anyway

And oh what a hell of a narrow scale..


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