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Siiri Nordin - Duck Soup lyrics

Your times up, and your money's gone
You're tired, worn out and can't get no love
And you know there's a villain walkin free
Who got away with everything
And you know you got to get to him
Oh you know he took something big

And oh brother, sister, cover me
If I take a bullet it don't mean a thing
If I die of it at-least I'm clean
And you lie lie to save your skin
You couldn't take it if they bring you in
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When you're in the middle of catching him

And there's a cold-blooded-murder
In every god-damned corner
And it blows my fuse every time you cut loose
With a great excuse
Sweet how you can make a simple truth
Disappear in thin air right in front of you
Blows a fuse, blows a fuse

Oh brother, sister, cover me
Brother, sister
Brother, sister

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