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SHVUN DXN - "PARIS" (Prod. By SOUL) lyrics


[INTRO: Shvun Dxn]
The world's most popular city destination
Has plenty of must-see places
But make sure you spend at least a day
Strolling off the beaten path
As this is the only way to discover the real

[VERSE 1: Shvun Dxn]
436 minutes away from my destination
Fresh pa**port inked up waitin patient
Thinking about how I just was speakin of vacations
Taking a trip to Ez my mind vacating
A lot of u n***as b hating
Im takin ur b**h and we skatin
Cus I stay to my self while y'all bragging procrastinating
Success is the key
Motherf**er look at me
Ridin like a G lame n***a come and see
Cus Iam on some other sh** I like whips wit foreign b**hes
Money over seas this a foreign type of business
Everything is vintage
Feeling like I been rich
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So let me catch this plane I been practicing this sentence for a minute

[HOOK: Shvun Dxn]
Venir avec moi à Paris x4

[VERSE 2: Shvun Dxn]
Living good
But sh** I'm feeling greater
From the hood now I'm no where near
So tied of the same sh**
Need a lane switch
Myth said he got a b**h who game for insane sh**
sh** im wit
I'm the sh** 5 times
Met these models from Paris let me hit 5 times
Left the p**y smoking like I lite 5 dimes
Had them hoes lookin like they did 5 lines
Vous de Paris? She said oui, et vous?
f** where I'm from tryn get her out that see threw
f** when I uh guess I see you when I you
Maybe in the Bahamas while I'm sippin of my Clicquot
Ya now witnessing some don sh**
So just be grateful I picked you to be a part of it
Its obvious I do it for the art of it
Gotta picture to paint
Paris is where i'll start the sh**

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