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SHVUN DXN - SK8 lyrics

[1st verse]
I done been some places but they nothing like my city
Riding 'round in my city
Top down in my city
Shawty top down in that Hemi
ROARING, soaring
Off that high grade never mid sh**, buds looking foreign
Yea that's that Afghan Kush
Presidential Indica, breaken straight off the bush
Roll it, light it, uh
Crack a dutch, ignite it
Shawty smell and, get excited
Once she notice who the pilot was
The young and fliest
Cough like bronchitis caught a lung
Smoking the finest got her hung
Up in smoke, Cheech and Chong
And 'this my daily routine
We just smoke good, and pop pills
On the way to that green
'N yeah we...

Smoke kush and take E
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(All the real n***as 'round my way love to...)
Smoke kush and take E

(And the b**hes 'round my way love to...)
Smoke kush and take E

[2nd verse]
I ain't the average type of squirrel on a hunt for a nut
I be with ya girl while you askin' what she want for lunch
Ill-rude-type of n***a
k**-you-type of n***a
Im the pick a bad b**h like she'll do type of n***a [?]
I failed school, too-cool-type of n***a
And I got you lames sick, "need a new-diaper-n***a"
The homie Matt said "you just too hype 'a n***a"
And everybody know there's only two type 'a n***as
I sip lean get screwed up, pop the X and I'm rolling
Hit 110th and I'm uptown riding thru like I'm patrolling
Strapped up, Trojan
Cruising, slow-motion
No destination, just rolling...


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