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SHVUN DXN - S.K.A.T.E. lyrics

Generation Rx shit!

[Verse 1: SHVUN DXN]
2 pills and that potent
2 mill and the open
While I'm too chill just smoking
And we rollin'

Rollin too ill but I'm focused
Sick young in that old whip
With a bad bitch and she open
Just rollin'

Whole lot of weed when I smoke
Gotta keep a P how I keep it g
And I keep it g
Ride 1 d low-key thru the hood wit a black 4 fe fi fum
U see that fe fi run cus I let 'em go
A sister nena to and she ready to thump
Dear a nigga jump

I'm rollin' off a pill (x4)
(you know I be rolling off a pill) (x3)
(Mama said I'm wiggin' caught me rollin' off a pill)

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[Verse 2: SHVUN DXN]
Half dead and I'm wasted
Too gone, so far
Two xans and I'm cruising
With a cup of lean, couple sour jars
And I'm outy
Tell the hoes how I be spending the cake when I ball
Throwing the stacks getting them back
Winter summer and fall
Charging the sport poppin' it off
You know we poppin' her off
And we off to the next town
Off to the next I'm off this extasy pushin her head down
And I'm feelin good just flexin'
Cause I work hard like a Mexican
And I party like a white boy wit a deep tan complexion
And we rollin' better keep up
Engine loud better speak up
Keep the hammer don't sneak up
Lil deuce deuce in my sneaker
Drive by and I ride slow
Fly guy with the hydro
In a Tahoe with a top notch pro
Gettin' my top blown

Fuck you and have a nice day

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