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SHVUN DXN - Connect Me lyrics

All I need is one shot (they goin' be saying that I made it)

[Verse 1]
24/7 365 I'm on my grind
f** tryna get it I'm takin' what's mine
Don't give me sh**, I'm fine
f** yo advance b**h
I'm too advanced for nonsense
Go spend it cause the swag that I invented
Off market but you could rent it
Hope you fit the tux but the shoes were hand made
And your wallet holds a bluff
Who u tryn impress us? please I ain't pleased
So appalled by you fraud enemies about to squeeze
Ain't worth my aggression pops said
But whats goin' through my mind is to feed him hot lead
Leave him in a box dead
Damn what my pops said let me listen to him
Cause these s**ers tryna give that prison to him
Never new they hated until they thought I made it
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Now they tryna to recreate what already was created
I'm jaded you f**in' industry brain lames whats your real obligation, fakin'

365 24/7
65 blunts pa**ed around may get me closer to heaven
I'm stressin' but look at life like it's a blessing
Goin out with a bang like smokin' Smith and Wesson
I smoke the best and learn from every lesson
Pride is a sin but I keep it like my weapon
Pride is a sin sorry Lord I try my best
But my head stay high no guns nor vest
Say a prayer lord forgive my sins
But I don't regret I learn from each of them
Just how I gain my strength and smoke till like I'm made of hemp
And my lean stay low like a down south pimp pushin' that 86
They call me kemo I be low and keep blow like niño
And Pablo Diego ask the SNO
Some say I'm ill tell me stop tell me chill
Not even when I make it to the top will, I


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