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SHVUN DXN - TALE TALE Prod. by Chris Calor lyrics

Tall Tale

[Intro: Dinon]
Uh, fucking bitch's man
Yo man I'm trying to tell you be
Dont let them get to you man I'm trying tell you be
This shit is crazy dun
Like this bitch is ill as fuck
Like for real my nigga
I don't even want her to be on the strip
I just want her with me and shit

[Verse 1: SHVUN DXN]
4 Zips in my 2 liter
Leant back with a bitch in my 2 seater
Roll up 1
So we can sky dive
No need for parachutes we in that mile high
5280ft plus
Her feet up I bet up that pussy until she sket up
And she don't fuck with no Marc's unless it's Jacob
The type to run off with your heart fixing her make- up up
. . . thats how she make bucks
And she get it
I mean the realest of killers, blue collar criminals
Shawty be getting to them
No they going thru it
Feeling suicidal
Love her so they can't do shit

[Interlude: Dinon]
Yo man I swear she be having they brain on some like crazy type of . .
I don't know what to call it
She be coming back with they fucking credit cards and shit
Coming back with visa's and passports
She been places I anit ever even seen in a picture
What the fuck is going on with that?
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Thats life
Thats life man

[Verse 2: SHVUN DXN]
She got they credit cards and socials
Swear to god she loco anit local she coastal
International pro tool since 02 she was 13
Bagging up that cocaine got her open to the dope game
And her old man been touched her
Moms anit care to much but
The streets embraced and loved her
Said she had to hustle
Go hustle
She did that
Took 5 grams brought 10 back
Took 10 grams brought 25
Took 15 and hid that
She did .
What you lames talking on the daily
Which may mean that she maybe
The H.B.I.C. you grinding mama
I got you boo
And we gone shine together
When that red light turn lime don't ask for who

[Outro: Dinon]
Dont ask for who bitch just go
You know what i'm saying
Thats the green light for you
Thats for you
Just know that thats the love
Cause I anit gon lie you blessed the team and the movement
When it needed to be blessed
So after saying that
Your always welcome to eat with my camp
Thats what i'm trying to say to you
Generation Rx know what i'm saying
Thats what my boy repping that Generation Rx shit

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