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SHROOM - The Visit lyrics

(Sample from Prison Break)
"Lincoln: How are you doing with the animals in here?
Michael: Actually, it's starting to feel like home."

(Razah talking)
To all of them brothers out there
Right now on the tear
T.H.U.G. Angelz
Walking through their cell blocks

[Hell Razah]
Peace God, I heard sh** is odd behind them bars
When left, my words scarred the pain when it hurt and see your moms
Uncle Toms ain't paying the bail bond
So I'ma keep your mail long, cell warm, loyalty dawg
It's even though it's dead wrong
We keeping your head strong
Your baby mom's wilding with the strippers and ex-cons
Don't even worry about your seeds or no commissary
Just hit the law library where the lies are buried
If Malcolm X read the whole damn dictionary
And made it back home by all means necessary
We can't wait for you appeal in mid February
Half of the hood is up in Rosehill cemetery
Even Joseph was incarcerated
But came outta Egypt reincarnated
The same faces when you graduate
Was just related to the snitches on that affidavit
That hated you; I wish you skated when your block was raided
But even Neo in the Matrix couldn't dodge the Agents
I heard you're building in the mess hall
But even the best fall
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Behind the prison wall left make a collect calls
We all got our issues but we will not forget you
Let's keep in mind Red Hook Projects really miss you

Bazz: Word, I miss y'all man
Razah: Just keep in mind Red Hook Projects really miss you

(Chorus) 7th Amba**ador
To all the young males living in hell
That's on their one way trip to a prison or cell
To all the young males living in hell
That's on their one way trip to a prison or cell

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Ain't no mercy for a T.H.U.G. when he stand before the judge
Some of us should see the gates in handcuffs and some with slugs
Since federallies raided the housing facility
Most of the hood housing correctional facilities
When Riker's Island in them federal tears
I'ma keep you in my prayers and shed tattoo tears
It hurt to see that look on your mom's face at the ?chapter?
When they brought you to your lil brothers waiting at chapels
Mistakes in their packages and filling up your commissary
I heard how when you first found out you in the solitary
Your seeds became my seeds the day you blew trial
Like my own son, I vow to keep 'em out the pe-nile
Most of our n***as'll be in the ground when you touch down
I can see you coming home on that bus now
If I ain't behind the wall witchu or if I ain't deceased
I'll be out the gate waiting on your date of release

(Chorus) 7th Amba**ador

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