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Written by D. Prosper

Pure blasphemy!
We ain't hearin it.
Know Thy Self
Inscribed on that pyramid
Dear Rapper
Ya flow trash
You funny f**s.
Think you nicer than Pros?
Put that money up..
Place dem bet's boy!
Watch dem steps bwoy!
Prosper run sh**
Sunrise to set bwoy!
Don't quit your day job
Teach 'em to Ride The Rhythm
Put on that Chill Rob!!
That X-Clan funkin lesson
Fire lawyers
Review exhibits
This Court is in session
The judge, the jury
This is lyrics of fury
Fully focused, my vision ain't blurry!
Don't worry
Come equipped
Prosper got spitz
RBG fit club
50 in the clip
State to state
The rates of Inmates
Grew certainly..
Corporate insurgency
k**ed Hiphop's Diversity
Now a days its Dr Seuss rhyme nursery
Sweet Baby Jesus
Knowledge born again
The will to Prosper
See I'm born to win
5 years after Len Bias heart attack!!
That's ‘91 sun
Pookie and Gator was smoking crack

The airwaves with straight Gangsta rap.
Now a days
I beez in the trap!!!
Self Destruction!
Everybody blingin'
False images
Corrupt mind of chillren
Powers that be
Made executive decisions
Major record labels invest in private prisons
Wake up!!
In a sweat
Probably as cold as ice
k** these rappers on that new moon
We call that blood sacrifice
Let's be concise
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Lyrics is top shelf
Spit rhymes like Mastermind ..
No one else
What u talking about?
Know Thy Self
Homie Know Thy Self

Verse 2

Bullet holes in these rappers
Call it swiss cheese!!
Think u can f** with my click?
Come now b**h please!!
My poetry the best!!
You can search around the planet
Ain't another this fresh!!
Greater than Gatsby
Prosper spit it nasty
They propaganda crafty
Can't sneak no lie pa** me
Hold up!!
Sun if u ask me
Luminous leaders waiting on Matrea
Reading Helena Blavatsky
Homie I'm a problem!!!
Yea its official
Life is too short
So go head blow the whistle!!

Wage slave in rebellion
In facts I told ya
Never watch the TV
They subliminally control you
We don't give f** !!
Thats the motto
Hackers Anonymous
Rules we don't follow
Ghetto youth attack
Patriot acts are treason
Nothing could be better
Bang for your freedom
What you gonna do the next 24 hrs?
Im a get it cracking
Fght against them powers!!
Little pawn
U get k**ed
For the game u ain't bulit
Man! f** them haters
Do as thou wilt
Destroy shayton plan
When you die
Your soul weighs 21grams
World ghetto youth
Stand in defiance
We chant down babylon
But still drop the science
Just know thy self
Homie know thyself!!

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