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SHROOM - Cab Ride (Opening) lyrics

(Cab driver) Shabazz {Razah}
(Where do you go to my friend? Where you go to?)
I'm saying, we trying to go to Red Hook - Um
(Oh no too dangerous, get the f** out, get the f** out)
C'mon man, c'mon man, look, hold up, hold up
We just got off the train, we just came from Amsterdam
We're tired, jet lag, we gotta get home
All you gotta do - jump on the Bell Parkway West
Exit the Airport, jump on Bell Parkway
(Ok, ok, slow down, slow down, say it again)
Aiight, look - Bell Parkway West
{Right by the Brooklyn Bridge}
Right, and then when you get off
You take Exit 26B, you get off
Go around the Battery Tunnel
To Columbia Street, make a right
And let us out right there
Columbia and West ninth
Matter of fact you can let us off by
The school yard, so you don't gotta go into the buildings
And we can walk from there
So you can just get outta there youknawimsaying
Yeah man, how much man? How much man?
(Ok, $40 dollars)
$40 dollars, c'mon man, like seriously
{$40 dollars man from JFK to Red Hook}
You serious? $40 dollars, you don't wanna make n***as jump out
($35 'cause I like your music, $35)

[Hell Razah]
Yo, my hood is six-stories with OGs build and sip 40s
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With shorties ahead of the game who want glory
They on me like Sherlock Holmes when they record me
I wait for the spy to call that wanna off me
I'm bossy, my mind is costly
It's all 'cause I'm frosty and got hammer for the thief that cross me
I'm the nail in this coffin or it's crucifixion
That ain't caught 'em up a brand new coupes and sixes
Son I'm better off investing in that loot for business
It's ok we ain't here to scoop your wizards
Leave k**ers open minded like their roof was missing
Left bow show y'all dealers how to use that kitchen
Where I'm at ain't no popping off shooting and missing
You be getting left holy like a new religion
It's the Red Hook Rabbi, Renaissance Child
When we spit they gotta bring it up to seminars now

{Yo make a left then make a right}
Yeah, make a right right here
Make a right right here
{Make a right right here}
(Where? Where? Where? Where?)
Right here, right here
Make a right right here, yeah, Columbia
{Get off right here, right here}
Right, right
Now, go two blocks (Aight)
Aiight now you see where it goes like a like a pyramid?
Stay to the left, that's still Columbia
That way we go hit the ninth street
Alright, yeah, yeah, right here, right here, right here
See the school yard, right here, yeah, alright

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