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SHROOM - 144,000 lyrics

(Shabazz reciting the names of The Twelve Tribes of Israel)
Judah, Naphtali, Asher
Dan, Benjamin, Menasheh
Ephraim, Gad, Simeon
Reuben, Zebulun, Issachar

The 144,000

T.H.U.G. Angelz

[Hell Razah]
Read the manuscript, you can any chance you get
I don't rock no cross, I rock an amulet
I stand in the midst of seven candle sticks
Tamper with a 144,000, God gon' handle it
War's for the birthright - you cherish or abandon it
Raziel Heaven sent, prepare for the predicates
This is for the president insulting our intelligence
My evidence is America was built off devilishment
The Lamb and his Father name was written on our forehead
Ever since the Lord said he fed us the daily bread
The Book of Life versus the Book of Dead
She want my head like John the Baptist
Go tell Herod it ain't happening
Until I lie down in green pastures
Cause in the casket we all cashless
From ashes to dust back to gases
And your spirit leave your body absent
I rotate around the Earth axis
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And if they ask nor I'm no Catholic
Mel Gibson or Ben Affleck
I'm from the projects Public Housing
Book of Revelation still counting
Or who's the 144,000? The Twelve Tribes
Book of Revelation still counting
Or who's the 144,000?

[Shabazz the Disciple]
All behold to the Christ of this rap sh**
Ya Lord ah hosting, raw made it my image in likeness
Immortal Ghost, I be thy Angel of the Lord
Malik I deny, from Arabic Seventh highest Heaven I and I
Apocalyptic literature, Babylonian exile
The kneel and palms of Aemilius then Belial
By the powers invested in me, I shall endow
Thy have been warned, but shunned the sound of horns
I bare thee cross in my robe, crown of thorns
Until thee the Son of Man is reborn
It's been too long now the nation has mourned
It's been too long now the nation was scorned
The 144,000 loyalty was foresworned
While persecuted Judas raised his right hand and he sworned
"Thou hast forsaken the Lord, thou will be judged
Utter Lambs Book of Life, thou will be smudged
Over the sands 40 days 40 nights thou will be trudged"
They turned the City of Lust into the City of Blood
But like Barabbas I pay my penalty to the enemy
Granted parole by the industry, y'all shall remember me
The Black clouds departed, the Guiding Light made demons scatter
A hand reach down a**isted me up Razah's Ladder

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