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Show Tufli - Waterworks lyrics

[Verse 1: Charles Hamilton]
Mama used to brush my hair, the sh** was a scene
The bristles used to prick me, I'd bleed
Nah, she didn't know, she was tryna groom me
To be a man, but deep inside she ruined me
I couldn't cry, she would brush even harder
The treatment was worse every time I'd see my father
I was forced to go to church after every visit
She said I was possessed, those were her heavy visions
Since then it felt like no one understood
And someone controls me, slowly
But no, see, I'm alone in my zone, please
Leave me alone, I'm so weak but so strong
No song could make me feel better about
Not goin' the varsity letterman route
Kicked out of the house for gettin' head on the couch
A grown a** kangaroo, mama used to force my head in her pouch

Must you cry all the goddamn time?
Are you a man or a woman, make up your goddamn mind
Don't worry 'bout me homie, I am fine
So must you cry all the goddamn time?

[Verse 2: SHow TuFli]
I shed seven tears every year
Thinkin' 'bout memories I wish was never here
Or if the end of me is near
My enemies is near cause I was taught
You gotta keep 'em close, so you'll prolly be a ghost
I probably be approached by fear but I never get scared
I had a stroke and I ain't even care
I never cry once for my mom I survive
I already died once I never lie, emotions I kept inside
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Because my pride wouldn't let it shine
So a diamond is never
No longer shed a tear, but I'm cryin' forever
And Show might die but I am forever and ever
Whatever may occur, I treat it as a blur
You, me, and her, we all cry
Yeah, search for a better life we all try
So it's TuFli until we all die


[Verse 3:]
[Charles Hamilton]
This n***a Show almost died and here I am livin'
Guilt ridden for just existin, I couldn't visit
My little n***a, almost like my brother
But how can I visit him if I can't see my cousin?
But Ryan graduated eighth grade though
Copped him a 360 and Saint's Row
I thank those who rely on my bankroll
Because they just make me thankful for Hcho
Thanks bro

[SHow TuFli]
The hand I was dealt, the pain that I felt
The rain, the shame in myself; I still smile
Cause she still here, And she still down
She still care, prolly wonder how I feel now
Cried a river, sometimes a n***a still drown
Damn, am I a man if I show emotion?
Up and down got my life like a roller coster
I'm at the edge now I feel like I'm goin' over
No tears


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