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Shot by : LakaFilms - Lonely (Speaker Knockerz Tribute) lyrics

Lil Mister:

I'm coming from Chicago, I was hungry
I got a couple bands got them b*tches on me
I'm Montana in the field no lackin homie
Everyday you know i gotta keep it on me
Lotta n*ggas, they be fake, they be phony
Everyday i'm with my day once homie
Tied it up with some dreads, b*tches on me
I can take yo b*tch and leave yo a** lonely

Verse 1:
Lil Mister:

You know i'm Montana from Chicago
I can take your whole,I finessa, I get some mo'
Had to run my bandz up I let my money grow
In the field boy you know that i can't trust a soul
Everyday people smile they be in yo' face
So i gotta keep tached' to show a n*gga face
I'm runnin for the bandz i got my better race
You know that i love money
B*tch i love the money-love the case (Bandz)
Born in 95' , got it tatted on me
December 25th i'm a Capricorn
You know that i ain't late that i ain't goin'
Catch ya'black in broad day, then i blow the horn
Jumped off the porch when i was 15
Started shootin' videos, smokin'-sippin' lean
You know that I be flexin' in my ? jeans
You know that i'm a baller
Remember ballin' having-hoping dreams
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If a n*gga act up, murder scene
Chopper get the fan , now your whole team
You know ain't playing, b*tch i ain't gon' lean
All my n*ggas crazy, we insane, let em' pistols bang
F*ck n*gga act up you hate on me
The Mac will fry yo' a** if you want beef (brr)
If you wanna play, Main Street
My n*ggas pistol packing
Like Miami we showing heat
(Bang Bang)
I came up Juggin and Finessin'
Smokin Dope so you know i ain't stressin'
You know i keep that fo' n*gga weapons
Shoot a b*tch here, we ain't thinkin' bout' yo' chest b*tch
(Boom Boom Boom)
Finessa I had to talk them to the next b*tch
I'm countin' all this money
B*tch i'm countin' up these blessins'

Lil Mister:

By my Lonely
I'm by my lonely
Cos a lotta n*ggas they be phony
Damn, that ain't my homie
Get a couple bandz acting phony
I guess i'm by my Lonely
They once hold me
F*ck N*ggas, they cain't clone me. (nahh)

Lyrics by Snahzyy AKA Ryan Nuttall. Instagram name: RyanDavidNuttall . Yes i'm white and 15 years old

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