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Shorty K - The Best lyrics

[Verse 1: Sir Michael Rocks]
That's what it is, that's what I did
n***a, that's what I'm on
And I'm on that COD and you off the mids, my n***a
And I'm on that strong
And I take that cash, I chase after that bad
Don't take that pic, that photo flash
Be blinding me when I'm tryna see
And honestly I can't go no faster
It's TPC, I'm Banco P, I'm off an addy bro
I'm rolling up and smoking dope
b**hes we want it, they come and they go
I wanted to keep it 104
Some of ‘em lasted, some of ‘em don't
After all of the laughs and all of the jokes
I picked up a note that one of ‘em wrote
(What did it say?)

She said, “You shining, baby
You just gotta keep applyin'” (for real?)
“All of your sk**s and boy, for real
You could be a giant”
"And I'd be lying if I said you was my only client (I know)
Boy you special, boy you blessed, you got them b**hes cryin'"

[Hook x2]
I say TPC the best
We the best, we the, we the best
Only real n***as, f** the rest
f** the, f** the rest
Just give me the checks
Me the checks, just give me the checks
Spent up all my hundreds, got some 20's
She can keep the rest

[Verse 2: Tris J]
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It ain't sh** for me to style on ‘em, pop a cork
Girl you're done, no more shots for you, give her a fork
Tris Man cool as antifreeze, I have never been a dork
They talk the hamster sh**, I just cut the convo short
Swear she got a motor mouth, horse power, lot of torque
But her peoples got that bag, partially why I f**s with her for
See her last name was Keys, say she hate jokes about pianos
Said that her favorite movie was Twilight, and she ain't had no fun in a while
Well let's get it smacking, you should call over a few of your friends
Give her Patron and them bottles to go
We got dumb-stupid weed, we can blow through them all
Talking so high, ain't no bars on your phone
Give you the D, put you in zone
Let it be known, way too wavy
Let it be known

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3; Shorty K]
Smoke good, f** better
These shoes, Margeila
The s**, we reckless
Ask Matt, he tell you
We good, spend bands
Swag through that b**h off the lean and the Xan
That's why your b**h f**ing me and my fam
Gucci for pants but G's on my pants
Might be my mans, shout out to Jay
He had them hoes f**ing him at the bay
Forgetting her name, I keep calling her Kate
So then I f**ed Kate and then called it a day
If I don't do nothing that's blood on my grave
Cuz I can't take it if I go out today
Smoking some sh** that don't go out till May
It's jefe forever, they go out today

[Hook x2]

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