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Shorty K - Rasta lyrics

[Hook: Shorty K]
I'm a rasta, smoking dope
Top shotta, let it blow
Let it go
Let it go
I'm a rasta, smoking dope
Top shotta, let it blow
Rasta, top shotta

[Verse 1: Shorty K]
I think I'm a rasta
Party like a rockstar
f** me like a p**nstar
Skrrt off in the foreign car
Watch me check a bag b**h
Cash I gotta have it
Don't get caught lacking
My youngins they some savages
All I smoke is loud pack
Thirty boy don't get whacked
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Field b**h we in that
sh**s, with that

[Hook: Shorty K]

[Verse 2: Lil Mister]
I'm a rasta toting shotta
Yo b**h a knocka slash boppa
She gimme top like a helicopter
I'm in this b**h turning up with my partners
We loading up them thirty's dodging coppers
n***as hating hot, they imposters
Tatted memories on my body parts
Rolling off a pill but I ain't even started
Space juice got me with the stars
Different planet sh**, b**h I'm off in Mars
Push to start button when you in a foreign car
And pull on any thot I bet she going in the car

[Hook: Shorty K]

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