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Shorty K - New Dress lyrics

[Verse 1: Sir Michael Rocks]
Shining like a brand new handwash
I'm off the Clicquot and my n***a off the Xan bars
Bust it open like a waterbed
I see the bottom of your heels; that's a lot of red!
She probaby got a little bread
Bad b**h, rich girl, tryna get ahead
She probably was a print model
Tryna get a spread in Complex
Got the bomb s**, everything be all wet!
And everything all set, so don't stress
Every pair of legs on deck
It's gonna get better every time we connect
Booty softer than a Hallmark
Now let me hit it out the ballpark
And if you ever fall hard in love
I'mma catch you, I knew you had a spark the plug
Soon as I met you, n***as wanna cuff and arrest you
But I know I can't, cause I go hard in the f**in paint
And I can't lie and say what I ain't
We all Gods, but I'm not a saint
So give me all that you can
Laying in the hotel bedroom service again
Sign the receipt and give the server a 10
Fine different freaks all over the land
Say "Go Banco!"
Marriani to the ankles

[Hook x2]
You in that new dress, and there's wine for us
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Girl I said let's get our grind on
What you wanna do? Girl, it's just me and you..

[Verse 2: Shorty K]
Poppin rolls, rockin Rollies, like the old heads
That's when I seen this little steamer with the long legs
One of the Gods said "shorty over there a 10"
Naw, from here she a 9, up close I probably been
Can't give a b**h too much credit
I jumped front row and thought to myself, like "my dude said it"
Shorty finer than a parking ticket
I took the Rose, stopped, sipped it with 22 b**hes
You the type of chick a n***a wanna brag about
That a** fat, probably beep when you back out
Them red bottoms on your feet, I peep the cash out
Now go on and activate them hips and poke your a** out
I learned that from a 2Pac song
Til they make a new track, sh**, 2Pac gone
Hear they say that n***a back, I don't know about all that
One thing I do know is how I'm tryna smell that matte
Lip gloss on your shirt, coming off first
Kiss up on your stomach then I take it to your skirt
Reach up on the dresser, grab the Magnums out your purse
Tell your old man that your new boy make it hurt
They don't make em like me, too much swag
k**ing these n***as: Ku Klux Klan
Lemme hit it from the back, give that trunk that slam
Have you screaming out loud who the f** I am..

[Hook x2]

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