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Shorty K - FBAG lyrics

[Verse 1: Shorty K]
TPC b**h...
Bang bang skeet skeet my white b**h a big freak
I throw it and she throw it back, s** game frisky
Bullsh** miss me, I be getting busy
Margiela for my shirt and my shoes they ballistic
I got you got baby mama gaga gaga
b**hes call me mister lover man that's a shot at Shabba
Rinks when I walk into that bank
Say how you want it mister bell jack ben franks what you think
I got b**hes popping mollys till they faint
That's for mami but I be out all in the party on that drink
Puff and pa** to my posse, that Pacquio that stank
You p**y pushing to pull it it's probably cuz you can't

Foreign bands a**es gold

[Verse 2: Sir Michael Rocks]
Man it's the rap game rap gang
Man mutherf**er f** you
I'm ashing on the airplane the pilot say it's just you
So you the only one Mike
I'mma hit that b**h twice, but you can keep smoking it
I act like I ain't notice sh**
10 million dollar baby lotto ticket
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Djing your girl p**y like “Vicky Vicky”
b**hes wanna kick it b**hes wanna chill
Cuz we real and the wanna see how do that feel
Fresher than the preemy hoping out of that 'ghini bro
Make sure you talking bout that money when you bring me up
It's like hook the motherf**ing game genie up
Yup Banco


[Verse 3: Tris J]
I come through like ahh tell a b**h I'm bout it bout it
I've been on a shooting spree me miss a 3 I doubt it doubt it
Hit a lick that rocket bop, mix that sh** all in the pot
I hit a lick that rocket pop, boy I got that like a fire
Im cold you too old
My old b**h that's your b**h
She hate all my new hoes, roll up like two os
Smoke that with my two bros
We hit Stacks with a few stacks and bought us some new clothes
Dance for em my a** go
Shoes new my mac pro
My white b**h my white b**h
My black ho my black ho
Skinny n***a toothpick


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