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Shortie No Mass - U Like My Style (Vocal) lyrics

[Verse 1: Shortie No Mass]
I'm never holding back ‘cause, life, I like to live it
Give me props on the style plus the [?]. I give my thanks, yup
Plus you used to come to all the shows to hear me rip it in the words
You dug the style. I got the goods. Couldn't figure out
Why you had to wait a bit. Now it's my time. I hit you with
The 4'11” shit. You bit your tongue some odd years ago
Now you're on my confidence. Sensing all alone
You love the way that I convince. Time and time
You love to hear a odd hooker too. Said, “She was a looker but
A tad bit better.” Sweater never not needed
Heed the words. I'm never, but you love me more ‘cause I heard
You dug my what? You dug my style

[Verse 2: Shortie No Mass]
I never told a lie. Might have twisted up the truth. Yup, I speak towards the loop
Or, rather, anyone who's rocking. Beats are knocking ‘cause
My man won't hook me up lovely with the track backed
Up with the ill verses. Common curses get my point across
No, I never front on you. Know I give you more and never give you less
Got to do my best to let the stress not get to me
I'm caught up in the rhythm of the ill funk
I got a million odd ways to keep it lit. Bitches talk big shit
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Man, they're begging for a lick. Pick your pride up
After I come ins to knock you down. Sounds be getting wide and the lyrics
Start to get open. No, I never front and that's my word
Got to keep your faith in me like I said, “I'd never let you down”
Sounds'll get you open, make you get buckwild. Right now
I know I'm sure you like my style

[Verse 3: Shortie No Mass]
I'd like to give my thanks to those who gave a hard way to go
Even though I do my best to keep it real and rather humble
And, no, I won't mumble when I flip it. I rip it with the best
I turn the stress into positive energy. I give my thanks to those
Who can't stand the thought of me. See, you keep me pressed
With intent to get better like, “Never let her”
Or let me get too hype. The mic just sounds much better
With my dialect. I hum along to a tune
I conjured up in my head and said, “Follow me now”
I do my best to keep it real. Still, you couldn't understand why
I sounded quite nice, quite right like your livest
Male emcee. I be 4'11” high. My
See, you've been impressed. I guess now you want to say
You had my back all along. Sing along to the song
I keep it on for, like, miles. Don't front
‘Cause I know you dug my style

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