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Shortie No Mass - Like This (Vocal) lyrics

[Verse 1: Shortie No Mass]
I got a million highways for me to run right through it
Shit's like fluid by the way I kept it flowing
Showing mad peculiar sounds for a chick. Don't forget
That my shit's like [?] when it sounds like this
Diss me not. I'd rather have your sweater. Find it hard
To see you hate my guts, but, still, you're not alone
Through the song that I recite, you're getting hyper by the minute
If this shit is sounding ill, best believe I'm up in it
Forty-five degrees in the shade. I'm made up
Of many more degrees to keep you cool
Live and I resided in your woods, felt a need for a change
A morning moves, so I do it like this

[Verse 2: Shortie No Mass]
Like alchemists and I provided what the others lack:
Some verbs stepping back in your rhyme—you got to track
I get your move on, plus I'm getting liver with my age
I be the major for your friends and, not to mention, many foes
Your freaking ho tried to hate me. Pardon me, miss
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I kept it real. I'm coming straight from the heart
While Mr. Walter love to keep me in line
You get to know me, you'll find I like it better like this
I'd rather see you get it on and while you dig it
I want to be large but I haven't grown an inch
Yes, it says to keep your hype-fat tracks. I rock right, I get nice
When I do it like this

[Verse 3: Shortie No Mass]
Like the way I used to freak it. You dig the way that it's improved
Dug the groove, dug the move, dug the way that I could
Flip it with the best of brothers. I'm getting smothered
With respect to dialect with a feminine touch. I clutch
My mic tight daily. You prefer to hear a sound like this
I got the tendency to rip it ‘cause I try and do my damnedest
Respect, do not enter me. Lately, I've been on a streak of luck
Fuck the laid-back loop. I'm getting liver by the minute
I'm up in it, like I said, when it sounds like this
Should blow me kiss and applaud, like, appreciate bliss
And beg for more when I do it like this

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