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SHMX - Thunder lyrics

Doped up
Take d** and I'm posting up
On the stoop just rolling up
Too many blunts, she say "hold up"
Just ridin' 'round raining out, so we slidin' round
Ba** baning like thunder storms
Talk down see me pulling that lighting out
And I'll strike ya, like striker
See I roll your ashes and light ya
Either way I'm with the team
Or I'm with the KLVN
Either way I ain't about to fight ya
We're gonna find ya, and teach ya
That everything ain't peaches
See everything ain't gravy
Get no handshake when I see you, b**h

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Getting cash, flowing fast
Loading up my golden gat
Golden 'Lac, diamond wheel
Go so slow I'm riding still
Living life so lavish
I'm living life so lavish
I got blunt guts in the basement
I got blunt wraps in the attic

I'm lurking, I'm swerving
I roll blunts tighter than turbans
A little turbulence on the .36
Going 96, that's murder
See, 187 my rhyme scheme
Rolex on my time piece
Cuban Link on my f**ing neck
I made that off of rhyming things
And now I'm rhyming still, rhyming still
Go so slow that I'm riding still

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