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SHMX - SuicideAccessories lyrics

f** with sesh, that's suicide
Life or d**h, quick you decide
Hit recline, and then I get to rhymin'
Never seen, never heard, just [?] like me
I'm dying, I'm breathing, rollin' up while I'm thinkin'
I'm feelin' somethin' like JFK but I ain't ridin' around in no Lincoln
My eyes closed and I'm sinkin', down to the very bottom
Never had no problems, but if you want one then I'll solve it
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It's the teenage corpse, blowin' dope up on the porch
Hoppin out, slammin' doors, never prayin' to a lord
Sippin' pesticide, I'm next to die, blades high like they [?]
I'm sippin' pesticides
I'm next to die
Blades high like they [?]
I'm next to die
f** with sesh, that's suicide

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