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SHMX - Friends lyrics


Everybody shaking hands
I'm just in the corner
I ain't 'bout to be fake for the f**ing moment
If you f** with me, then I f** with you
I'm a down to earth n***a
But it's up to you
I'm the realest but I don't need to state the sh**
And I don't care about who hating
Where my stainless at?
And I don't hang where p**y n***as be saying sh**
Hit you where you say it at, and make you not speak again

See me and my n***as
We headed straight to the top
Chasing after dollar bills and we won't ever stop
Swear I sound nothing like you n***as
I can probably write for all these n***as
And I ain't trippin'
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Approach the boss
She telling me that she lost
Cause she say well they can probably f** any she wants
She got me
But baby I don't fall into no traps
I'm Bruce Lee
Kicking everything in my way like "who he?"
Who me?
I'm that n***a that you see like movies
You see
You can never be better than, clever than
Seriously I'm cutting n***as heads then I mail them in
Devil sh**
b**h, I can show you what a rebel is
Down south n***a
In the woods, on some hunting sh**
So I'm kind of used to being right by the bushes b**h
If you ever need that
I'll bring it to your place quick



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