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SHMX - Drip Day Afternoon lyrics

My diet is liquid
Mostly purple and green
I got a' bag full of dreams
And it drips at the seams
Been alive 22 years and still don't know what it means
Justa buncha ups and downs livin' on triple beams
I don't pop any beans
I just f** with the juice
Poppin' caps off a' stems
Later I'll see the truth
Feeling like Water World
Feeling like I am trapped
Feeling like I'm running in circles and then comin' back
To the same place
Mask on with the same face
So I approach the world with a permanent game face
I see the future I could tell you how the rain taste
Keep a distance ho and stay out of a mang's face
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Dip my head in purple drank and let my brain baste
I've never been to Based World but I've been to Dripped
Out-er space
Out of body experience like I'm taking powders laced
With other d** I don't even understand how to take
Set your house a blaze
Went on a trip around the world but really I was just kickin' it on the couch for days
Woke up dehydrated with cavities and diaper rash
I don't grind for cash I just let the sh** fall in my lap
Like a German I'm working wood wheel turning
Element come rollin' and I'm still turnin'
Handzum Boys is the institution and b**h I'm earnin'
Rural suburban disturbance kick haters in the sternum

I'm just posted up
House shoes on with the Honey Berry blunt
If you really real then you already know what's up
Leanin' on the porch with the morpheme in the cup [x2]

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