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SHMX - Convertible Flow lyrics

Don't need no enemies or frenemies
Don't need no fake b**hes here with me
Just need my beat up & her top down
I said my beat up & her top down
Convertible flow

[Verse 1 : Cashius Green]
I don't discriminate baby
If we participating
In s**ual eruptions in the back of your honda
Baby the p**y silky smooth
I know your mom & your dad are sailor
I'll be your ride later
My whip show new vibrator
All the Ciroc made her, go swallow the rush
We out in the open, let's park in the cuts
The best the bigger, less way out the eye
sh**, I open trunk on hop on me, get p**y, pop
Been, like new year's eve, left something in the freezer
You f**ing with the coldest n***a out baby take a breather
Convertible flow, top back with a fast pac' Khadija
Cruise control, with a foreign on roll, she don't need no visa
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[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 : Big K.R.I.T.]
I used to love her when I swang on Vogues
Roll it up, pour it up slow
Playin' flix on the screen, he said down for the team
Till I tell her, tell her anything goes
Speakers with the twitters & the lows
If she born to ride, gotta rule this pole
Prob it up, bob it up, pose
And she a freak from my seats in the show
I keep her geeked up the beats
And the boss slimin' dough too cold
With a heat full of hope
I know she love when I talk that P.I.M.P
Split her peach then I quinch till it's sold
I keep her coming back, running back
Hit her with my cadillac now she might never let go
Cause she never been chopped in school
Plus she love my convertible flow

[Hook x2]

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