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Sheer Mag - Hard Lovin lyrics

I been workin hard my whole life
I been fightin tooth and nail
Just to take whats mine
I came in from the water grew up in the grain
Now i'm livin in the city and i'm goin insane
When you're pa**in me by
Well I can drink from the river til the ocean runs dry
I been sober as a judge
And my momma tole me how to hold a grudge

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She gave me hard lovin baby and im hard on you
Its the only thing I know how to do

Little boy I can see in the dark
I can breathe underwater i'ma leave my mark
By the time you find out i'll be down in the flames
I'm in every city you will know my name
So dont be shy I been drinkin whisky I gotta twinkle in my eye
Now listen here babe
I'm gonna sock it to ya til the end of my days

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