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Sheer Mag - Need To Feel Your Love lyrics

Don't you know it's been such a long long time
Since I had you in my arms
And can't you see that you're someone
I've been trying to find

When I feel your hands pressed against my back
I can't lie baby, I want you more than that

Thinking ‘bout times that we had
The good times and the bad
At the end of every line
You've been always on my mind
I give you just what you want
But I'm saying
Now you got to give me just what I need

And baby I need to feel your love
Baby I need to be a part of
Your everything
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Maybe they say we're too young
But that's just fine
Cuz I've made up my mind

We both know that we've loved hard and we've lost
But I got to give it up
I've been holding back so much
But at what cost?

When I feel the sweat drippin' down my neck
I can't lie baby and I can't be more direct

There was a time when my dreams were coming true
Our future is so unclear
Do you listen when my heart
Speaks to you

When I see the sun bend over the trees
If I lied baby that'd be all I ever need

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