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Shad - Call Waiting (Interlude) lyrics

On the subject of subjects
I learned geography is destiny and history is fate
Art is taste and the science of escape
Learned some five percent of math, learned girls love drama cla**
And home economics taught me cla** is about cake
That's why leaders of the state say "Wait
When the homeless don't eat we got a lot on our plate"
While the kids in cla** wait with the weight of a world
That's obsessed with the weight of a girl for a break
And that dating game's chess, still checking for a mate
But what they say is hard for a pimp is harder for a man of faith
Placed in an incubator full of hot babes
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Heaven give me Grace like Will cause I'm not gay
Strong willed for so long did not date
Chill, said "I don't want a link, give me my space"
Like Tom now I'm tryna add a friend
If she on the same page like my comments and Top 8
Fiancé material, I'm writing spiritual raps
To fight with this mask like Rey Mysterio
Hear both sides full stereo
World full of pain got us waiting on a miracle
Waiting on the world to change
When we should wait on the world like a waiter
Serve the world man this world is strange
Bizarro, lovers of tomorrow to break
Under the weight of the wonder and the sorrow

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