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Shad - Boyz II Men lyrics

[Verse 1]
Now I'm sure most of you know the old story
About the austro north who went far out into space
And was asked on his return
Whether he had been to heaven and seen God
And he said yes
And so they said to him well what about God
And he said well She's black
And although this is a well known and well warm story
It is very profound because i tell you

[Verse 2]
Go ahead melon in the melanin
Black man black woman black baby
Black man white woman black baby
White woman black man black baby
Nah I ain't racist but the numbers cry say cheese
Who's for the photo socks doing
Promo in slowmo you seeing blacker than the rolo
Wah my wife have italian lady lady in the street
But in the bedroom she cut like a stallion
n***a close your eyes and respect your women
It's all ice cream boy take your pick up in the ice cream store
Word to my n***a Meff and Chef for showing
For showing us the left right left
Hope burns in the under recurring even the jungle count
Concrete of foreigner all sweet and parent
Still black girl birth earth due to knowledge concrete
Of college and pa** pa** pa** pa** pa** pa**
[Verse 3]
Hey yo black is the new black
Born blue black black
The belly the sweeter coming out the curves coming out the back
Like daaam
Michael jackson light skin but he too black and MTV knew that
A black a** on kim kardash
30 minutes in jamaica make you turn black fast
If you smoking dope or you trying to find Bob Marley
You drinking rum with the black coke
Racist against black coke
Come out son i don't want to get you dark
No matter where you from don't change Brown
You feeling me black and proud
Stand up for yourself cause you black and proud
If you too black white folks will block you out
Black people from the industry only n******gs allowed
Bill Clinton was a black man
Love by the left persecuted by the right
Players in the club a drop skirt magnet
All full stop all these girls coming with some bagge
Full stop when the man steps up on the stage
And then smashed it yeah i hit the stage harder
When the real girls steps up
You put your body down the drop shot
I'm spitting in an old cup
I don't need y'all movement I'll be
Here until your grand kids get gray hairs
Hit the spots like sun in the air
Going hard like i owe four months rent in arrear
See my Papa was a rolling stone i began cheif walk the block
Not I'm just rolling my own
Full steam down the hill everything up front
Getting smoked is like a fat a** peir rea

[Verse 4]
I'm up against the monster
He's cool it's his homies that will haunt you
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Forever relevant king reign for president
Emba**y in the stars
Currently earth resident
Before the year's end just lime like no ice with it
The ones who gives you the gun and advice with it
Before move bliss come and also concise with it
Or seeing you early like a fight with it
My lyrics stretched to hell fitted
So that's how i get gotta get it
And consolation a thousand dollars a minute
I make weather the storm what a good business
Sand D Sand D night
Taking out the s**ers and you don't know how i did it
The stories bouncing up cat fictioning it
You going to take the picture as long as you in it
Never say die die always gonna be here
I can tell the difference because I'm always
Taking out the stucker and you don't know how i did it
The stories bouncing up cat fictioning it
You going to take the picture as long as you in it
Never say die die always gonna be here
I can tell the difference because I'm always

[Verse 5: shad]
We all want to be royal off some royalty
Record this
Record this half rap half baseline Praise God i don't have to
Get a day job say la they say you pay line a rod and take
AK's up in arob say naah
I should be paid all the baseball totals
This bar taking on this space
Hey ya they in space off or take off
Or space saw in some K dod
Based in space bar spitting space bars from the
You never seem a great star
Is from Nate Bog to Trayvon dowg
She Vasty Hey Trey hold on to what you
Talking sharp like a sharts radar
Talking sharp as the blade to fell apart
As the blade on scace is razor sharp
Change not sharp as the blade
Baracu break laws plus a burning made off
Trade stocks wipe the smirk on your face with a
J clothe wit a maid man why you talking on them great songs
I let the beat sling tossing a gray cloth
Come back gotta pray hard novice
Say on a straight gone

[Verse 6]
When you hear my light go crack crack
My other side go black black
Black crack burning early from the after leaves
Rebel leaf put your radio's steve
Peter everything you do following needs
Meet you baby you can shake your moneymaker
Take a flight from trinidad to jamaica
Mashup the dance we would love another heafer
I'm running over rappers that fast
I got a brief pack in my bag pack
Settle down just chill with them violence
I'm just freestyling and I'm wildin I'm wilding
Once upon a time there was a man name Joe
He didn't ask questions he didn't want to know
And when did ying yong make rap say yow
He realize he knew he had to go
I stole the pen from boys to men like Michael
Beavens you s**ers are keeping the weakest
The fakest opinions I'm bring the fakeness

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