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SH - All My LIfe lyrics

[Verse 1 SH]
So blessed my soul so fresh
Like Rolex and some gold rope-necks
No stress my goal so set
Success obsessed I swear there's no rest
Money my motivator a ton of rolling paper
Puffed a whole acre potent laker
The lord my savior and my only maker
Devil in red dress trying have me date her
Secret, law of attraction
Go and reach it if you tryna make it happen
G sh** I ain't even rapping
Dog I pledge allegiance to the pain and the pa**ion
Either you pookie or you nino,rich or rico
Do it for kilos or do it for dolo
Shorty say I Que lindo them n***as say that I'm loco
Got that ill flow that got the game in a choke hold

[Hook voon]
All my life
All my life
All my life
All my life
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[Verse 2 SH]
Forever dedicated they say I would never make it
Highly medicated my flow is premeditated
Dudes is overrated tom foolery motivated
Positions perpetrated while my people were sedated
I can't explain it I'm the product of the truth
Victim of the times and a sponsor to the youth
Forgive me for my lines I'm sergeant to the troops
Success is on my mind, stuck my feelings in a shoe
We do it for the dollar root of evil and power
Crooked politicians religions and higher powers
Alien encounters fatal meteor showers
All this propaganda and all these media cowards
Currency philosophy motivated though poverty
Disobeying policies by committing atrocities
Yo who is hot as me what we doing is prophecy
Afro-man monopoly take what they just got from me

[Hook voon]
All my life
All my life
All my life
All my life

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