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SH - Reasons Pt. 1 lyrics

[DaVon Sparkling]
Haze twisting
That chain glisten
I'm grain grippin that sh**
Don't change up
Cus I came up with my clique
I get lit

I'm finna click
Ohhmygodd imma click

Bout connections
Say what bout a plug?
b**h I'm wired in
(Hoe I'm posted)
Fire lit...
(Smoking potent)
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Fire lit...
All that extra sh**
Just don't inspire me
N I admit
Still hand out losses
Brought the sauce like
f** did you acquire this?
Only G's in my email
Strictly serious
Fakes and flakes
Stop playin
sh** I don't need
sh** Just won't fly wit me
Oh that boy
In Dire need
I'm like oh the irony

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