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Sexydeath - My Devil In You lyrics

I been eating of your soul
I have a rose with you arome
So clean so clean
I been drinking of your blood
So sweet so sweet

I thrill you around this
So i can control this
I been waiting for this
Now i have to die blessed

So you fake it all
And kill with a smile our love
Shadows flattering at night time
I just been waiting on for you
Never will you come

Coming i believe she is scared
She is coming i can sense the birth of you
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Heaven in you

Mystical creation is coming
Her celebration is coming
Heaven in you

You want to bleed enough
You hunt for love
I fear your devil mind
I just killed the heaven in you

So i been drinking from your scars
I learned it all in the dark
I been wired to your veins
I learned it all in the dark
I learned it all in your hell
I learned it all in the dark
I am just victim of your curse
But i dont want to

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