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Sexy Sadie - From Out Of This World lyrics

Like the sun pass through the trees
I saw some flashes down the hills
I went down to see what was coming
From out of this world.
Did you hear what they said !
"They could get into your mind "
"They came from outter space they came over
from out ofthis world".
Did they break all your bones?
Did they play on words with you?
What happened to you ? Looks like other
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from out of this world.
I' ve been watching T .V.
Go! take care ofyourself
I' m too young and I want to get older ,
but I won ' t leave my home
I won't leave my sons.
I know them uh! I saw them ' all
I think I can' t contro
I saw them uh! I fuck them ' all
I think I've loose control.

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