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Seriious - Head Shots lyrics

[Intro: Pricetag]
I made this beat
I made this beat
Cypher in the morning me and Double goin' in
Shoutout to Rey Reel, let's get it

[Verse 1 : Pricetag]
Look, uh
Tryna stop me as a red light, no goal
[?] , brodies is the logo
Your team so broke nothing can repair 'em
We the best so to know other you can compare 'em
Round table meeting, bosses toast with us
When a top model, cold bottles wanna pose with us
But that's so typical, focussin' go and get the dough
Steezin' ain't difficult, female please is a ritual
I came to get the cream, I got the sickest team
Thought you was living lavish
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Welcome now cause it was just a dream
I'm married to the money, born in a [?]
Aiming with a red dot
Better that, headshot

[Verse 2 : Seriious]
What make you think I ain't gon' k** it when I get on
Especially when I'm grillin' every single thing I spit on
You just do your job and find me a throne for me to sit on
While I just take your girl cause she look good without that fade on
I be in and I be out, shawty you know about this [?]
Cause them haters call me down
Before I'm smashin' up that clown
I got his money and a air lock
Do it big [?]
Double finna end 'em when I send them all head shots

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